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Lavazza Classics Lavazza Classics



Espresso Crema
Espresso topped off with a light smooth skimmed milk foam.


Traditional hot drink native to Torino, made with layers of espresso, hot chocolate and a crown of double cream.


The authentic Italian cappuccino: espresso, steamed milk and topped off with velvety foam.


A fine blend of beans with a full body and intense flavour, especially rafted for Espression.


Caffè Mocha
For coffee and chocolate lovers. A classic recipe made of espresso and the finest Italian hot chocolate.


Espresso Viennese
Espresso topped with delicate whipped cream and dark chocolate flakes.


Caffè Latte
Simplicity and lightness, without giving up the coffee’s energy: the delicate taste of milk with the full-body of espresso coffee.


Mokaccino Aromatizzato
The perfect marriage of espresso and whipped cream enriched with a flavour of choice.

Treats & Choco Treats & Choco




A scrumptious hot drink made of espresso, Nutella® and whipped cream, garnished with hazelnut chips and cocoa powder.


Espresso combined with the sweetness of caramel and the crunchiness of sesame brittle, all topped off with delicate whipped cream.


Monte Rosa
A delicate concoction of custard and berry compote, artfully combined with espresso and whipped cream.


A rich combination recipe made of espresso with custard cream, caramel and crumbly mini meringues.



Cioccolata Italiana
Italian hot chocolate, especially created by Lavazza, with an intense flavour and a dense and velvety body.


Cioccolata con Panna
Italian hot chocolate topped off with decadent whipped cream.


Cioccolata Chef
A trilogy of pleasures: hot chocolate, whipped cream and fine custard, an ultra-tempting delight.


Cioccolata Crema
A contrasting combination of intense taste of Italian hot chocolate with chilled and skimmed milk foam.

Innovation Innovation




Delicious and light mousse, with a soft and velvety texture. In combination with the intense aroma of espresso, espessone is a new way to enjoy coffee. Available in many mouth-watering flavours.


Choco Espessone
Double pleasure: the delicacy of Espessone combined with the intensity of hot chocolate. Available in three perfect combinations: vanilla, hazelnut and coconut.

Summer Espessone
A delicious and refreshing summer delight: a combination of creamy espresso sorbet with a delicate tangerine or blueberry Espessone mousse.


The first coffee that you can eat created by Ferran Adrià, a new dimension of taste: the traditional coffee aroma with a unique solid consistency. Also available in Espesso Macchiato and Espesso Cappuccino versions.

Cool Cool




Refreshing chilled and creamy espresso sorbet. Cremespresso combines the aroma of Lavazza espresso with milk and cream, in a cool and creamy specialty that soothes the palate.


A Unique coffee-based frappe that will seduce your palate: a cool blend of espresso, vanilla gelato and caramel, topped off with whipped cream or chilled skimmed milk foam. Also available in the flavor of your choice.


Iced Caffè Mocha
The iced version of the classical mocha: cold chocolate, chilled milk and espresso blended together in an energizing and refreshing drink.


Iced Caffè Latte
A refreshing version of the traditional latte: chilled milk, espresso and a top of smooth skimmed milk foam.

Affogato al Caffè

A typical Italian treat: espresso poured over vanilla gelato. The hot espresso and cold ice cream combine perfectly changing textures and temperatures.

Fresh Fresh



Banana and Honey Smoothie
Fresh banana and yogurt melts harmoniously with honey and vanilla gelato, for a flavorful boost of energy.


Healthy, fresh and invigorating: A unique, thirst-quenching beverage, made with mixed berries sorbet , banana and lemon juice.


Pineapple and Lime Crush
Pineapple and lime juice mixed together to give you an exotic and refreshing experience.


Kiwi Green Apple Crush
Kiwi and green apple combine to perfection in this wholesome and thirst-quenching crush, perfect for those who wants to keep fit without giving up on taste.



Clementina Freshly Squeezed Juice
A delicious fresh centrifuged of green apple, clementine and basil. 


Francesca Freshly Squeezed Juice 
A fresh centrifuged of apple, strawberry and peach. Try it also in the other versions: CAMILLA, with orange, carrot and lemon, CLEMENTINA, with green apple, orange and basil, and VERONICA, with tasty vegetables.